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Learn About S.A.L. For Doubles Tennis

Type:  Tip
Level:  2.5 - 5.0
Participation:  None

Topic:  The most effective return of serve in The Previdi System is the SAL return. Short, angled and low. It is equally effective against servers who stay back and those who serve and volley. It minimizes the opponents ability to lob, hit aggressive passing shots and forces the volleyer to hit up with a large opening between the opposing partners. The area the SAL return is hit to is called Jail. This the saying you will often hear us and our players say, "Put 'em in jail!"

EFFECT ON GAME:  Once you've mastered the SAL return you will be putting the server under a lot of pressure and keeping their partner out of the action. We complement this return with the Offensive lob return which goes over the net players head and must be retrieved by the server as well. All the returns in The Previdi System are complementary and set up the others to form a cohesive game plan.